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General information at the back of the book gives you some ideas re making a Will, planning ahead and talking to your Solicitor. It is also advisable to  organise a Power of Attorney and appoint an Enduring Guardian . The last pages will also point out other relevant information.

Let me assure you, making a Will, ordering Life & Beyond, or appointing a Power of Attorney WILL NOT jinx you and won't hasten your falling off the perch. I've had a Will since I was 13 years old, and I'm still standing!

Life & Beyond does not replace a Will but can assist with your Estate costs as all of your information is gathered in once place and saves legal eagles having to search for any relevant documents. That's usually helpful for the Executor/trix!

Life & Beyond is purposely designed for an individual as we all have our own history. Even if we are married or in a permanent relationship, there is previous history which can be reflected in your writing.

The idea for this book originated when I was trying to picture what would happen if I died and my young kids were left to deal with the consequences. Although I knew famly and friends would assist, I felt anxious for them and realised that no one really knew what my wishes were.

I also realised that the kids would have no idea where my Will was kept,  or what insurances, superannuation etc I held.  They wouldn't know who to advise, or what to do with my Facebook account.

Yes, I could have told them verbally, but realizing if I did tell them what I wanted and what to do, they would either forget or disagree and  slaughter each other in the process of organising my funeral.  Kids will be kids and as they are now four strong willed adults who individually always think they are right, I dreaded the thought!

Many will be in the same position as me. Thus, Life & Beyond became an idea that I thought needed attention and ultimately a thought turned into a book.

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DON'T check out and leave your family wondering!

You write it, they read it, you get what YOU want!

When my father died we had a few clues about his funeral wishes. He wanted his ashes to be scattered over the Macquarie Marshes at Carinda, one of his favourite places in the world, so at least we knew he wanted to be cremated, and his ashes scattered! And that's it! He hadn't told us anything else, not even where to find his Will. Just finding the Will took me weeks. He died in 2004, and when I finally found his Will months after his death, it was dated 1974!! A lot of good that did us! We had no idea about bank accounts, insurances, or anything else for that matter. He wouldn't talk about death at all.

This book has been around since 1998 and I gave my mother three copies! She kept giving them away so it was just as well that she and I could openly talk about death and as an only child, I was reasonably aware of where all her estate details were. It still left us wondering about some details for her eulogy. Luckily, she had given her grandkids a book about her life so we were able to write the eulogy with some guarantee we had the facts spot-on.

Death isn't an easy subject for many, but it's inevitable no matter who we are, so check out Life & Beyond and consider buying a copy so you can fill it out at leisure, and give your family some assurances they are giving you the sort of farewell you want and you have given them as much estate information as they need to keep them sane.